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Below are just a few real life success stories submitted by our members who have found true love on this site.

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Tina & Andy

  I joined Largerdate, not thinking for one minute I'd find the love of my life, but couldn't have been more wrong.

I met Andy and we bonded instantly, the only thing standing in our way was the distance between us, over 300 miles. So for a short while we had a long distance relationship before we realised that it couldn't continue and was too hard for either of us to bare. I made the decision to move to be with him.

We hadn't known each other very long, but I followed my heart. I remember thinking this will either make us or break us. I'm just so thankful that I followed my heart because now my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams. After shortly living together Andy proposed to me and we now have a beautiful baby girl that we think the world of. I can't describe the bond that Andy and I have without sounding cheesy but he has become my lover, my best friend, my sole mate and my absolute everything. We have had our ups and downs like any other couple, but we always get through them and it makes us stronger. I often catch myself watching Andy and our daughter together and thinking I can't believe how we met, where we are now and what we have together. We have a lovely home, live in a beautiful part of the country and have a healthy little girl:) Internet dating really can have fairy tale happy ending!  

Diane & Michael

  I joined after my marriage of 12 yrs ended. My sister was a member and she encouraged me to join to have some fun and whilst i didn't think you could really find love on the internet i gave it a go. When i first joined i had lots of interest but one person stood out for me, my Michael. He seemed genuine and kind and we arranged a meeting in my local pub. We were so nervous but as soon as we met we hit it off and never stopped talking and laughing. We dated and after a year we moved in together.

Another year passed and Mike asked me to marry him to which i said yes and now we are still happy as ever four years later. Michael is my soul mate and I am his! Most of all we are best friends and it's all thanks to I know there are other sites but I found it easy to use, the support to be helpful and many of the features very useful.  

Janet & Paul

  Paul and I met through LargerDate three years ago. As we lived 70 miles away from each other, we had a long distance relationship for a year or so. Paul eventually moved from Lincoln to North Yorkshire with his three children and now we're one big happy family. I also have a grown-up daughter from a previous relationship.

I was previously married and found myself single and 40. I didn't want to go out to clubs and bars where men are only interested in women in short skirts and was concerned that as a plus size girl, I wouldn't meet anyone else. Then I discovered LargerDate and within two days of becoming a member, I met Paul. I couldn't believe my luck.
That all seems like so long ago now and it's as if we've always been together. Thank you!   

Charlotte & Paul 

  We just wanted to let you know that my partner and I found each other through LargerDate and are now planning our wedding. It's two years since we met and after having a long-distance relationship for a year, we started living together, along with our respective kids from previous relationships, dogs, a cat and various other pets!  A big thank you for helping bring us together. I hope you can bring other couples together and make their lives as happy as ours.  

Nick & Lucy

  Three years ago, I was single and disillusioned with love. After yet another failed relationship, I was beginning to wonder whether I would ever meet someone to share my life with. Then a friend recommended LargerDate to me and that was start of something very special because within a month I met Nick, who lived a few miles down the road from me in Manchester. He's everything I ever dreamed of - caring, thoughtful, intelligent, gorgeous and best of all he feels the same way about me. We took things slowly at first, which made it all the more romantic, and when we'd been dating for 18 months, we decided to move in together. We're now married and looking forward to a future together. Fingers crossed, we'll hear the patter of tiny feet soon!

I had tried internet dating before but on mainstream sites where there didn't seem to be as much choice for curvier girls like me. LargerDate does what it says on the tin - it brings together people with the same ideal. If you're curvy, you can't help but be a hit with the other members, and it's the perfect place to find a partner and best of all, you'll have lots of fun finding him!  

Reg & Marianne

  I'd been on a few other dating websites with limited success. I put this down to being a larger lady so it seemed sensible to place myself in an arena for men who like a larger figure.

I had some chats with a couple of guys which didn't come to anything and I dated a guy who lived fairly locally but again, it wasn't meant to be. I then started talking to Reg who had contacted me. We started talking at the beginning of February, talking on email, then moving on to talking on the phone. We had quite a lot in common and I found him very funny and attractive. The only issue was that I live in Hampshire and he is in Glasgow.

He came down on a date at the end of March and we hit it off immediately. In fact so much so that the date lasted four days! I felt amazingly relaxed in his company and we laughed loads. I put this down to the fact that we didn't rush anything and took time to find out about each other.

Paul's job means he travels abroad regularly so we don't see each other as much as we'd like but we speak on the phone three to four times a week and we text every day. I'm off to see him next week for a long weekend and next month we are going on holiday to Italy together. Whilst the distance is a problem it has meant things haven't moved forward at a stupidly fast pace which is good for me having previously come out of a 20-year relationship.

So that's it! He's lovely, sweet, funny, kind, caring - all the things you'd wish for and we would never have met if it hadn't been for LargerDate.  

Roger & Laura

  I couldn't believe it when I found LargerDate a few years ago - an Aladdin's cave for those of us who prefer big beautiful women. Every men's magazine you read would have you believe that all men want to date stick thin women, but that's simply not true. Finding someone to share your life isn't just about physical attraction but it's a great place to start!

I was on the site for six months and made some great friends but when I met Laura, we just clicked instantly. It wasn't long before we arranged to meet and before we knew it we were seeing each other a few times a week. It's been a crazy time as I have moved 100 miles to live with her in Brighton but it's the best decision I ever made. We have loads in common and it just gets better and better.    


  Unbelievably, I met someone via the site on the day I registered with you and we have been seeing each other ever since - that was a year ago. What a result!!