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Jake Member Name: JakeLM94
Member ID: 106497
Ilkeston - Derbyshire
Personal Details
Gender: Man
Age: 25
Race: White British
Marital Status: Single - Never Married
Children: 0
Religion: Atheist
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Never
Food: Other
Occupation: Other
Education: BA
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Movies / Cinema
Computers / Internet
Arts / Crafts
Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Brown
Body Type: Medium Man (below 42" chest)
Height: 5'06" - (167 cm)

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General Information
Okay, so this site's pretty weird when it comes to setting
up your profile- so I'm sorry things have been vague up
until now, but I'mma use this to fill out what I couldn't
cover up there [sorry if it drags on too long]: I'm very
socially awkward- hence why I'm looking for love through
dating sites. I can get very nervous around new people,
especially those I find attractive. It's very easy to 'have
the wrong idea' about me, I find it difficult to explain
myself in a lot of areas- so if you do take a chance on me,
please take that into consideration if I start to seem...
'off'. But if you can pry me out of my shell, you'll find a
sweet, caring guy who just wants to stop feeling so lonely
[see- stuff like that sounded less pathetic in my
head]. I'm an unemployed 'hobbyist', I guess you could
say. I read books, play games, listen to music, draw things,
and collect a wide variety of plastic tat- some of which
require assembly and paint- so if any of that sounds
interesting to you, I guess I'm interesting :P Animation is
a big passion of mine, and I aspire to be a 3D animator one
day. I have some views in life that aren't exactly
'politically correct'. I'm not racist or bigoted or anything
like that- I just find some aspects of religion, politics,
'social justice' and certain pre-conceptions in life to be
questionable, and am not afraid to question them. One flaw
about being open-minded, I suppose. But on the plus side, it
gives me a wonderfully-weird sense of humour that crosses
between adorable misinformation, and "Oh god, I'm going to
hell for laughing at that". Also, puns.

This site doesn't let you message without paying for a
subscription, so if I've favourited you and seem like your
type, please feel free to track me down elsewhere
5ft.6 is a rough guesstimate. I am taller that people I know
are 5ft.5, and shorter than some people I know are 5ft.7-
so, process of elimination there. I have been on both scales
of weight- hitting 14st at aged 12, and 9st at 15- and my
body definitely shows it. I'm not that big admittedly,
teetering around the 13st mark these days- but there's still
some lingering flab I can't quite shake [it will wobble
though]. Though you probably wouldn't tell at first- I wear
shirts and hoodies that tend to hide my exact
flabbage. Formally Blonde as a kid, but it's faded to a
light-ish Brown over the years. I think one of my best
features are my heterochromic Grey/Brown eyes, though it's
hard to see from a distance [sort of fitting, in a way]. And
thanks to some poor orthodontistry as a kid, one of my
canines have swapped places with a front tooth- not really a
brag, but I think that's kinda cool.

Looking for
I hate sections like this- any time it comes from a guy, it
always sounds too picky or creepy. I'd like to meet someone
who's understanding. I'm not exactly the poster-child for
normality, and I'd like to find someone who's okay with
that. Who won't give up on me at the first chance. Who sees
all my faults and flaws [of which there're many], my
strengths and perks [of which there's some, I guess], and
love me for who I am. That'd be the most important thing for
me. Other than that, I do have one or two 'ideal'
preferences I guess. I'd prefer someone who shares some of
the same interests as me- not all of them, of course.
Someone who's not afraid to lead a conversation, too- I
cannot be left to carry the talking with the mouth-words on
my own. Some one who's up for the occasional day-trip,
cinema viewing or date night out- but is also comfortable
just staying-in with a takeaway. Oh- I have ONE gripe, I
guess. Vegans. I just don't get why it's morally superior to
say no to eating meat, but yes to starving out living
animals by eating their food. It's just hypocritical, and I
hate hypocrisy. Vegetarians aren't so bad, though.
Gender: Big Beautiful Women
Age From: 20
Age To: 28
Activity Partner